• The zero-discharge willow purification system treats all domestic waste water in a biological process
  • No emissions to the environment
  • No need for chemicals
  • No need for a septic tank and no costs from transporting waste water – On site treatment of waste water
  • The willow biomass can be used as firewood or as mulch in the garden
  • The system meets the most stringent waste water treatment requirements – The system can be used even close to the sea, lakes and rivers or in groundwater zones.

L&G Pajupuhdistamo Oy builds biological waste water treatment plants that use willow plants for water cleaning. The zero-discharge willow purification system has been invented in the year 1996 at Syddansk Universitet, Esbjerg Denmark, by Peder S. Gregersen as the key person. Over the years, Center of Recycling in Denmark has supervised the installation of over 3500 willow purification plants in Denmark and abroad.

The zero-discharge willow purification waste water cleaning system is based on simple technology. However, the planning and dimensioning of the system is based on relatively complicated calculations and years of experience. When the system is planned in the right way it will work for decades and all waste water input is converted into willow biomass. The zero-discharge willow purification system has a positive energy balance over its lifecycle.

Zero-discharge willow purification system is a simple and economical solution for waste water treatment for households. The system can be sized depending on how many households will be connected. A zero-discharge system can also be used in ground water zones as the system does not have outlet water.

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