Centre of Recycling
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About Centre of Recycling

Centre of Recycling started as a network for dessimination of natural methods for purification of household wastewater at the Development Department (for Rural areas) at South Jutland University Centre, Esbjerg. It was an informal network of people with the same interess that developed after Peder S. Gregersens invention of the Willow system without discharge in 1996. At merging of the University in 2000 the Development Department was closed down and Centre of Recycling carried on as a private consulting and development company within the same area and for extended areas.


During the years Centre of Recycling until now have made projects with willow purification systems with zero discarge to more than 1400 households in Denmark and have introduced the system also in Norway and Sweden. We work out projects for private persons, village cooperations and constructors.  


We also work with planted filter beds and newest technology in this area in cooperation with N.A.T. Eckernförde, Germany. This company has a long experience in this type of facilities for household waste water and industrial waste water.